What is the IAPA quality seal?

The IAPA quality seal is IAPA’s quality label and certifies that an expert has controlled the construction and safety system of the adventure park/high ropes course, that the park complies with the state-of-the-art technology, that its safety-related equipment and personal protective equipment are modern and checked and that it offers all required measures for risk reduction.

Why do I need the IAPA quality seal?

Adventure parks in the IAPA network are committed to meet the European standard EN 15567 for ropes courses and to comply with the quality and safety standards of the association. You should definitely tell your guests about this!
The label SAFE PARK epitomises quality and safety. Feel free to prominently display the IAPA quality seal in the facility for advertising appeal and to increase guests’ trust in the facility. Guests can use the QR code on the seal to receive more information on the quality seal and the park.

Who is authorized to apply for the IAPA Quality Seal SAFE PARK?

All operators of adventure parks (IAPA members and non-members) who meet the criteria.

What is the difference between IAPA INSPECTION certificate and IAPA quality seal SAFE PARK​?

Both the IAPA INSPECTION certificate and the IAPA quality seal SAFE PARK certify that an expert has inspected the ropes course according to EN 15567. You can apply for the IAPA quality seal SAFE PARK in a second step. Additional requirements for receiving the quality seal are (1) that a trainer certified by IAPA has trained and certified all staff members and (2) that the safety manager working at the facility is certified by IAPA.

Criteria for the IAPA Quality Seal SAFE PARK

  • The ropes course is run in line with the standards and respects the current IAPA guidelines.
  • There are at least two rescue systems available in the ropes course.
  • Individual safety systems categories C – E are used for belay at height.
  • Documents on the annual checks of the PPE by a PPE expert are available.
  • Every employee was trained by a IAPA trainer.
  • A safety manager trained by IAPA is working at the facility.
  • An “inspection before initial use” took place for all parts of the facility built after 2008.
  • Proof of the “operative inspections” carried out periodically is available.
  • Proof of the “regularly recurring inspection” carried out periodically is available.
  • A current tree inspection (in case trees are used as support structure) is available.
  • The inspection report of the “annually recurring inspection” states that the facility did not show any safety deficiencies.
  • Accident reports are available.
  • Rescue reports (how many times did a rescue occur) are available.
  • A security and emergency plan is available.
  • A risk assessment is available.
  • Maintenance instructions by the manufacturer of the facility are available.
  • Day logs are filled out.

How to apply for the IAPA Quality Seal​?

  • Your inspector, provided that he/she is a registered IAPA INSPECTION Master, will apply for the IAPA quality seal SAFE PARK. 

  • Your ropes course inspector has not yet been registered with IAPA INSPECTION? Please click the left button.

  • Click the right button for more information about the registration process on how to receive the IAPA quality seal SAFE PARK.

How long is the  IAPA Quality Seal valid​?

The validity of the IAPA quality seal is 1 year. After expiry of the validity a follow-up application can be requested. If the quality seal is extended, a new inspection sticker will be sent to the operator.

How much is the IAPA Quality Seal?

IAPA member Non-member
First application 100 Euro 1250 Euro
Annual follow-up application for free 200 Euro


The prices…

  • incl. the IAPA Quality Seal in DIN A3
  • incl. inspection sticker
  • incl. shipping costs
  • excl. VAT.