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As registered IAPA INSPECTION Master you can apply for a IAPA INSPECTION certificate plus sign and tag and the IAPA quality seal SAFE PARK for the ropes course that you have inspected.

Requirements for awarding the IAPA INSPECTION certificate | sign | tag:


  • You are registered as IAPA INSPECTION Master with IAPA. You will find the requirements for registration and its process here.
  • You work according to the IAPA standards and carry out your inspections in compliance with the declaration of commitment.

INSPECTION certification process:



  • We can print and send you the IAPA INSPECTION sign in advance, so you can present it to the ropes course you have inspected directly after completion of the inspection.
  • Feel free to send us a list at the beginning of the season of all ropes courses you will inspect so we can print all the signs you need at once. Please call our office so we can explain the exact process of the collective purchase order via phone



  • The sign is only valid in combination with the inspection tag you as inspector have attached. The tag is valid for one year and you will automatically renew it after successful completion of the annual periodical inspection.
  • The IAPA will send you the corresponding number of inspections tags with your order of INSPECTION signs.


INSPECTION certificate:


  • In addition to the INSPECTION sign, the ropes course will also receive the INSPECTION certificate, to certify that the periodical inspection was carried out successfully. You can only apply for this certificate after completion of the inspection. Click the button below to apply for this certificate at IAPA as INSPECTION Master. The ropes course will receive the certificate via email.
  • Should you be unable to award a renewed inspection tag for the sign due to necessary rework in the ropes course, the ropes course will first receive an inspection confirmation from IAPA. As soon as you as inspector will send the ropes course the inspection tag, it will also receive the final IAPA INSPECTION certificate.

Next steps:


  • After successfully submitting the online form, you will receive a confirmation email sent to the email address you have entered.
  • We will charge the certification fee according to the fee structure and send you the invoice via email.
  • We will create the certificate as soon as possible and send it to the ropes course via email. You as applicant will receive a copy.